4--20-18  Bacon and Brewfest by Cherry Creek Radio on  Caras Park;

Everyone, well most everyone, loves bacon.  Come join us at Caras Park for the Cherry Creek Radio Bacon and Brewfest.  The Badlander will be serving our International Award-Winning Bacon Flavored Vodka.  Made with co-sponsor Daily' Bacon whats not to love.  4-9pm

The Rhino is conducting a Vodka Tasting  4-19-18

Come down to the Rhino on Thursday 4-19-18 and meet the distilleries in Montana that make your Vodka.  Drinks with your favorite vodkas and legal samples of attending Distillery Vodkas.

Microshiner:  Interview with Mark H. the Co-Owner and Head Distiller


May 11 Grouse Mountain Lodge; Whitefish Distillers Fest

Meet and Visit with Distilleries from Montana and try Products and Cocktails from your favorite Distilleries